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Any good beginner jogging schedule needs to address key factors in order help any beginner make progress. You need to schedule when you're going to jog, how long you're going to jog, and when you should just put your feet up. These among other aspects all need to be considered when preparing a good jogging schedule.

When to Run

One of the most important aspects all good beginner jogging schedules should address is when you will actually jog. Generally the decision is left up to your preference. Many people prefer to get their jog done in the morning because it helps them start their day. Others prefer to come home from work and do it. Essentially, schedule a time to jog that fits your busy day.

How Long

Like I said before it's very important that you start slow. When you first set out simply jog for as long as you can. You will use this time as a benchmark. Everyday you need to jog for longer that your previous days recorded time. It doesn't matter how short this time is as long as you're making continuous progress. Beginner jogging schedules need to allow for these times to be recorded, monitored and goals to be added.

Rest Days & Nutrition

Jogging can be a very strenuous activity, particularly as a beginner. As a minimum you need to allow for one days rest in your jogging schedule. Eat well so that you give your body everything it needs. This means carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscle repair.

Other Factors

There are many other factors a good beginner jogging schedule needs to take into account and plan for. Finding motivation, eating right, and making sure you use the right running techniques are all important aspects you need to consider. If left unmanaged they could negatively affect both your short and long term results.

Want More Help?

I've been jogging and training for years now. I made many mistakes when I started and that was contributable to me simply 'winging' my approach. There were many factors that I didn't plan for and my jogging performance suffered. Fortunately I did learn from my mistakes but it took a lot of reading to get there.

After going through dozens of running guides and books I did find a few that helped me the most. For more advice on beginner jogging schedules simply click here [] for my recommendation. All the best with your jogging goals!